You’re only as good as your accessories.  Think about it. No matter the project or job at hand, when you have the right stuff, life is going to be a little easier and probably more pleasant.

Having the right accessories can help you to reach your fitness goals by raising the bar of your comfort, convenience, safety and even fashion levels.  While all of that is occurring, your overall performance improves, your confidence increases and… voila! You are more motivated to stay on track!

Here are some fitness accessory recommendations for your head all the way to your toes.


There has been a ton of research that proves music can help to push you through your fitness regime. When selecting earbuds, there are four things to look for: a secure but comfortable fit, water/sweat-proof, sound quality, and situational awareness capability.

One set to consider is the Bose Soundsport Wireless ($129).  These use Bluetooth technology and the buds create a comfortable seal within your ear to stay put. The noise cancellation feature is adjustable so you are able to be more aware of your surroundings while still enjoying excellent sound quality.

The Optoma Soundsport Be Sports3  ($69) also uses Bluetooth technology and offers ear-hugging hooks to provide a secure yet comfortable fit.  The quality of sound is pretty decent for the price.

A more economical choice is the Adidas Sports Response Earbuds by Monster ($39.99). Although you won’t get Bluetooth in-ear technology from these, there is a four-foot cord along with a sport clip to help keep the buds in your ear and the moderate noise isolation allows for keeping tuned in to your surroundings.


No doubt you want to be hands-free when you are getting your fitness groove on. Where do you put your stuff? There are a variety of comfortable belts and pouches that will accommodate most popular phones and your other personal items.

The Run & Relax Running Belt ($15) boasts two pockets and soft materials to prevent chafing. It’s waterproof and can be adjusted from 27 inches to 40 inches in length and includes a reflective strip.

The waterproof Buddy Pouch ($20) doesn’t use a belt, but rather magnetic technology that secures tightly to your pants or shorts, providing a bounce-free hold along with a side-zipper cord port.  Dimensions are six inches long by four inches wide and available with a different trim color choice.


Pedestrians and bicyclists need to be vigilant about their safety by taking extra steps to be highly visible especially during early morning hours and in the evenings when it’s dark.

There are many choices for reflective gear and safety lights to help you stand out no matter what activity you are doing such as running, walking the dog, pushing a stroller, skateboarding or riding a bicycle.

The Amphipod Xinglet Reflective Running Vest ($30) is top-rated for comfort and its 360-degree visibility. It can be adjusted to easily fit over any clothes and has breathable fabric to dry sweat.

Obviously made for bicycles, the Fiks Reflective Wheel Stripes ($19.99 per wheel) are glass-embedded reflective stripes that will greatly increase your nighttime visibility. They are easy to apply and remove and are available in a variety of colors so you can personalize your ride.

A quick and easy option for visibility is the Apace Vision ($14.99 2-pack). This LED safety light easily clips on belts, hats, leashes, strollers, bikes, and shoes with options for static or strobe light flashing.


There’s always much ado about athletic shoes but what about that other important piece of gear for our feet? The right sock can make a huge difference in keeping your feet happy in wet, cold or hot weather.

When you need a little bit more compression for long durations on your feet, consider the Balega Ultra Light Quarter sock ($12). This sock will soften each stride with its cushioned toe and heel.  It’s great for all types of weather and known for its perfect fit.

Just the fact that the MudGear Trail Running Sock ($26.99 2-pair pack) is made in in the USA should be enough to consider it for your fitness gear. This sock’s construction is perfect for running, hiking, training and all outdoor sports. It wicks moisture and helps to prevent blisters.

Okay, once you get the right stuff, the rest is up to you. Go get ‘em.

Stay healthy, Ahwatukee.


~ Charlene