Join the Body Firm’s Official Unofficial Weight Loss Challenge!!

Be a new you in time for the new year!
Others will put off their weight loss resolutions until January 1st to improve their quality of life. Why wait? Start now!

Steps for the 8-week Weight Loss Challenge

 10/29 – 12/23

Make it Official
• Sign up in the binder at the front desk
• Log your starting weight, BF% and enter your goal information
• Let your family and friends know you’re on a mission to lose weight. This creates more accountability, helps create a support team AND you might get some to join you. There’s power in numbers!
• Weigh in & log weekly

Create Realistic Goals & Expectations
Are your goals realistic? As we age, our metabolism slows down which makes it more challenging to lose weight. If you are hoping to weigh the same that you did 25 years ago, you’re probably going to be disappointed.
Losing weight can sometimes seem overwhelming. Have you ever worked on a project and when it was first given to you, one of your first thoughts was, “I’ll never be able to do this!!”?
Well, you can! Make this “big” project into smaller projects. Instead of looking at it as losing 40 pounds, for example, focus on losing five pounds, then another five pounds, then another five pounds, etc.

Purge, Plan & Prep
• Search your refrigerator and cupboards to purge foods that aren’t healthy and would lead you astray in your efforts.
• Plan your meals and snacks at least three days out. Get your family involved in the planning, too!
• Prepare healthy snacks and meals in advance so you’ll have something ready when you’re hungry to keep you from making unhealthy choices. This is a great opportunity to help your children learn about healthy eating habits, too!

What’s That “One Thing….?”
• Identify one thing that you can do differently to help you in your efforts.
• One of our clients recently gave up drinking a six-pack of soda a day which helped to attribute to 20 -pounds of weight loss in six weeks!
• Is it giving up your sugar-laden morning coffee drink? Vending machine snacks at your workplace? Taking a walk at lunchtime? (the weather is perfect for it right now) Eating your meals “plated” versus family style?
• One less cocktail or beer?

Add More to Your Day!
• More movement.
• More fresh foods (and less processed – especially flour & sugar)
• More veggies & fruit
• More protein
• Keep your Body Firm appointments

Track Your Activity
A recent Kaiser Permanente study involving more than 1,600 people found that those who kept a daily food and activity journal lost twice as much weight over six months (18 pounds versus 9) compared to those who didn’t track those activities.
Here are some suggestions that will make your journaling easier:

Celebrate Your Milestones!
• Reward yourself – a massage, a movie, frozen non-fat treat?
• And remember – there are other ways to measure your success than just the scales; clothes fit differently, you’re feeling better, you have more energy, you’re sleeping better…..

Stay tuned for recipes, motivation and tips coming your way for the next eight weeks.
We want you to LOSE!!!

Your Body Firm Team