“It’s personalized. The Body Firm treats you as an individual.”

- Randy Miller

“I joined the Body Firm 18 months ago and can honestly say that I’ve never been fitter or stronger than I am now. I was a member at a high-end health club for several years, and although I trained on a regular basis, I was never able to reach this level of fitness. The trainers at the Body Firm are dedicated and professional and will customize your training program to fit your goals. Joining the Body Firm is one of the best investments I’ve made.”

-Jonanda Duvenhage

“I am 62 years old and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 7 years ago. During that period I walked in the neighborhood, and did some exercises in my house. I took a bone density test every year and got the same results. A friend of mine gave me a book on how to reverse osteoporosis, which included taking vitamins and resistance training. March 2014, I hired Doug Thompson as my personal trainer in order to improve my bone density. I took my annual bone density test in November, 2014. The nurse in the doctor’s office called me and said I didn’t have osteoporosis any more; I have been upgraded to osteopenia. She said, “I have never seen anyone improve as much as you have. What have you been doing?” Not only has my health improved, but I feel so much stronger. Thank you Doug.”

-Barbara Gold

“I lost 15 lbs. and dropped my body fat from 18% to 10% in only 3 months. The workouts always challenged me without breaking my body down. The trainers at The Body Firm finally made me realize the “no pain, no gain” approach was a contributing factor to my back and shoulder injuries. They’ve taught me how to do the exercises correctly and which exercises to avoid all together. If you’re looking for great personal trainers and training programs The Body Firm is the place to be.”

-D. Kline

“As a fifty-something active adult, my goal in having a trainer centered around being able to remain active and proficient in the sports I enjoy — especially golf, tennis and wake-boarding. The Body Firm has taken me through a balanced regimen of upper and lower body strengthening but with particular focus on improving my core strength and increasing my flexibility, balance and endurance. As a result I am performing better, playing longer, and I am much less prone to injury.
Many of the exercises I am coached through are golf related and the results speak for themselves. I am longer off the tee, and much to my golf coach’s surprise, I am more in tune with my body and its motions. I feel more in control overall. I enjoy the constant variety in my exercise regimen and I am always pleased to open a copy of a Golf magazine or turn on the Golf Channel and see an exercise that The Body Firm has had me doing for months.

I may not have the natural ability I had at twenty, but what’s left is in a lot better shape — and The Body Firm is certainly part of the formula!”

– Alan - training since 2006

“My weight loss journey began when I thought I was having heart problems. After going to the cardiologist and a battery of tests, it all boiled down to my unhealthy lifestyle of no exercise and eating too much of all the wrong foods.
I began by just walking the neighborhood. But as I started to lose weight, I knew that I needed to firm up and joining a gym would help me do that. I didn’t want to go to a “big box gym” where you get zero attention. I also knew that to stick with it I would need a routine.

After doing much research I decided on The Body Firm. From the first time I met Doug and the team I knew it was going to work for me. They had the schedule I needed to achieve my goals. Since joining The Body Firm, I’ve achieved many more goals and I continue to set new ones. I’ve lost 4 pant sizes, 50+ pounds, and I’ve gained strength I thought I could never have. I’m able to run and hike and I love being outdoors now.

This was a lifestyle change. I could not have done it any other way or without the help, support and friendship of everyone at The Body Firm.”

-Gary L. Parker, Jr.

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